The Chanan Foundation, Inc.

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Community Living Support (CLS)

The Chanan Foundation provides a wide range of services for our friends with developmental disabilities.  Our customized services allow us to assist with those desiring to live on their own, or continuing to live with their parents or guardian. Services in these settings include, but are not limited to: assisting in housing selection; setting up the home (decorating, furniture placement, etc.); teaching organizational skills, time management, money management, meal planning, cooking, cleaning; assistance with grocery and personal shopping.  The Chanan Foundation also helps with all self care tasks as related to hygiene, grooming, medical care, and taking medications.  We also coordinate all in-home support services with other providers; helping our friends with developmental disabilities build relationship skills in the community and with roommates; assisting with home safety planning; and other skills, as needed.

*Other COMP and NOW SERVICES are available.  Please contact us for more details.