The Chanan Foundation, Inc.

Lon Bell - Founder
Lisa Bell - Executive Director
Tammy Dewberry - Programs Director
Felecia Southward - Day Program Director
Sheri Estes - Quality Assurance Director
Diane Mitchell - Community Living Support Director/ Office Manager
Lynn Dominey - administrative assistance

The Chanan Foundations Founder and President Lon H. Bell Has had a lifelong passion of helping individuals with disabilities. In 1999 Mr. Bell along with his wife set out to develop a Non-Profit organization to help, by offering services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The Chanan Foundation Inc. was formed and became an approved Medicaid provider for the state of Georgia to serve individuals with developmental disabilities. Mr. Bell has led the Chanan Foundation to offer services in Personal Care homes, Day programs, Supported community activities along with an array of other in home and in community services.

As Executive Administrator of the Chanan Foundation, Lisa Bell along with her husband began their journey of helping others by opening their personal home to serve adults with disabilities. During the early years Mrs. Bell learned from a hand on prospective, by her willingness to serve and to learn from the ground up. This has placed her in position to be able to grow into the effective administrator she has become today. With the skills obtained and well rounded knowledge Mrs. Bell has the ability to relate with employees and understand issue at hand. Mrs. Bell retains a steadfast direction for helping others as she approaches her job daily.

Mrs. Tammy Dewberry has been with the Chanan Foundation for 5 years, and is the Programs Director. Mrs. Dewberry began her career as a direct care professional in the Community Living Services portion of the company. Mrs. Dewberry quickly worked her way into the Day Program Director where she learned another division of the company and prepared herself for her move into her current position as programs Director. Mrs. Dewberry has a companionate heart for the ones we serve, and is devoted to making sure the services received are the services desired by the individual as they strive to meet the goals they have placed in their life.

Felecia Southward is the Chanan Foundation Day Program Director. Mrs. Southward has been with the Chanan Foundation for 9 years. Mrs. Southward began her career as a direct care professional serving in the Community Residential Alternative settings (Personal Care Homes). Thru the years she has demonstrated a willingness to serve in a variety of areas and learn each area of service. Mrs. Southward has compassion to serve our individuals and direct the day program in a way to meet the goals set by the Individual Support Plan.

Sheri Estes is the Chanan Foundation Quality Assurance Director. Mrs. Estes came to the company with a broad management prospective from the corporate world. Mrs. Estes had begun her career with the Chanan Foundation serving in the Office Manager position and quickly worked her way into the role of Quality Assurance Director. Mrs. Estes plays a vital role in the health and safety of the individuals being served on a daily basis.

Diane Mitchell is the Chanan Foundation Community Living Support Director/ Office Manager. Mrs. Mitchell began her career with the Chanan Foundation as a direct care professional in the day program. Thru her attention to detail and effort she has moved into the management position with the company with a variety of duties and responsibilities. Ms. Mitchell is a devoted to the ones we serve and her job making her valuable team member.

Lynn Dominey has been a valuable administrative assistance helping the Chanan Foundation stay in compliance with Medicaid audits along with the Joint Commission compliance. Lynn is a diverse and willing team member that has become a vital part of the Chanan Foundation.