The Chanan Foundation, Inc.

From Gene and Majorie Johnson:

My son, Taylor, came to the Chanan Foundation in the spring of 2007, after a long three year wait on a list to obtain a Medicaid Waiver. Immediately, upon receiving the long awaited news that Taylor had been awarded a Medicaid Waiver, we began setting up interviews with the various organizations in Douglas County that we had previously researched, whom we deemed might be able to meet the needs of Taylor, as a Moderately Disabled Adult in a Day Program setting.

After making a few disappointing visits to other organization, I came to the day I was to visit the Chanan Foundation. I was met in the parking lot by the CEO, Lon Bell. He was gracious and helpful, as was the Director of the Day Program, in answering my many very specific questions. I was given a tour of the facility, which I thought to be very adequate and conducive to enhancing my son’s further development. I was especially impressed with the caring attitude of the staff involved in working directly with the clients. I felt, very early on in the visit that this was that very special place where I wanted my son to be placed!

We made our decision, and a few weeks later, a van arrived to pick Taylor up for his first day at the Chanan Foundation!

Taylor works daily on specific aspects of the individualized plan which was especially designed to meet his very unique needs. We are especially impressed with the many art creations he comes home with. Art is an extremely effective way to meet our Taylor's very unique needs.

His group usually goes out into the community once a week. They go to parks, malls, out to eat (Taylor's favorite), museums, the zoo, bowling, swimming, and many other local places of interest. In the addition to the regular program, Taylor has attended dances, parties, and even the wedding of two of the other clients. My husband, Gene, and I often remark that Taylor has a better social life than we do. The social aspect of the program has been extremely beneficial for Taylor. Like most parents of disabled individuals, we have had to be extremely involved and emotionally connected to our child in every way. However, we know that we will not always be around to care for, or be able to meet all of his needs. The making of other social and emotional connections is absolutely crucial to his development and future well being.

To sum it up, my husband and I are extremely satisfied with the job that the qualified and caring staff members at the Chanan Foundation do for our precious son, Taylor!

Gene and Marjorie Johnson


From Patricia Morris


My Son, Eric, has been attending Chanan Foundation for over three years and always looks forward to the days that he goes to work at Chanan.  Eric's favorite day is Wednesday, which is outing day. The Day Support Director, Tammy Dewberry, does a wonderful job of organizing a schedule that takes our special population into the community. She is careful to integrate social, cultural, health related, or vocational events for an array of experiences.

Days other than outing days are filled with goal oriented activities in small group settings that support lifelong learning.  Another favorite day is ‘Pay Day’, where each client receives a stipend for attending the Day Center. There is also a new program being implemented which will teach vocational skills.  Annual festivities like the ˜day at the fair’, ’Spring Fling’, ‘day at the lake’, etc. are events that are eagerly anticipated each year.

The administration and staff are caring and receptive to any special requests that family members or friends may have regarding their special needs person.  I know that any email or phone call will always be answered and responded to quickly.  Chanan Foundation, its organizers, administration and staff work together to make a safe, healthy, and instructive environment for the Special Needs Population of Douglas County.

~Patricia Morris~