About Us

Personal Approach to Care

The Chanan Foundation is a private non-profit corporation that provides day training, supported living, host home, and group home services for adults with developmental disabilities. The Chanan Foundation was established in 1999 to be of one mind, having compassion for one another.

We believe that all people, regardless of disability, have inherent qualities which can benefit society.  We also feel that they will attain whatever goals they pursue when given the opportunity for self-expression.  

The Chanan Foundation currently serves our friends with disabilities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week depending upon the level of the individual's need.  Every day we have clients spending time in the community at various locations as part of our community inclusion program.  All services focus on helping our friends acquire, maintain, and enhance the skills needed to live the most full and independent lifestyle possible.  Community involvement for our friends with developmental disabilities is strongly promoted and encouraged.

We recognize our friends with developmental disabilities as adult citizens, regardless of disability, with the inherent right to: choose their own lifestyles, participate fully in community life, have friendships and relationships, and work or volunteer in the community as their abilities permit. 

Our Team

Lon H. Bell


Founder & CEO

Lon, along with his wife Lisa, set out to develop an organization to  offer services to individuals with developmental disabilities. In 1999, The Chanan Foundation Inc. became an approved Medicaid provider for the state of Georgia. Lon has led the Chanan Foundation to offer services in personal care homes, day programs, supported community activities along with an array of other in home and in community services. 

Lisa Bell


Founder & Executive Administrator 

 Lisa learned from a hands on prospective by her willingness to serve inside her personal home while incorporating The Chanan Foundation. This provided her with the knowledge and sills for her to become the effective administrator she is today. Through her experience, Lisa has a keen ability  to relate with employees and  the client's personal needs . Lisa maintains a steadfast culture of helping others day to day.

Tammy Dewberry


Programs Director 

Tammy has been with the Chanan Foundation over ten years. Tammy began her career as a direct care professional in the Community Living Services portion of the company.  She quickly worked her way into the Day Program Director position with her individualized and professional approach. Tammy has a compassionate heart for the ones we serve, and is devoted to ensuring  services received are conducive to meet the goals the individual's have placed in their life

Melissa Stephens


Residential Director 

Melissa has been with the Chanan Foundation for over two years now. Melissa manages staff training,  supervision and oversight of health, safety and welfare for 1-4 residents in each home. She brings a personal and hands on approach to lead our residential team. Melissa ensures that our residential facilities are a place of peace and belonging for those we serve. 

Dianne Mitchell


CLS Director 

Dianne began her career with the Chanan Foundation as a direct care professional in the day program. Through her attention to detail and effort she has moved into CLS management position with the company with a variety of duties and responsibilities. Dianne is a devoted to the personalized care our of individuals and their families. 

Tami Brumfield


Administrative Assistant

Tami has served the Chanan Foundation for over three years. In her current role, she provides administrative assistance for day to day operations of The Chanan Foundation. She serves as the primary contact for our internal offices and maintains our welcome area. Tami is a great asset to the workflow of the office by ensuring that all systems are in place and running appropriately.

Wanda Bowen


Douglasville Day Program Director

Wanda directs our Douglasville day programs that address the social and educational needs of individuals and their She does a great job training and utilizing our day program staff. Additionally, Wanda coordinates with caregivers, families, social services agencies, and medical professionals to plan a detailed program of care. Wanda has a creative spirit that provides our individuals with many learning and recreational activities in the day program and community. 

Melanie Firestine


Developmental Disability Professional 

Melanie Firestine has been with the Chanan Foundation over four  years and serves as the  Developmental Disabilities Professional. Melanie’s diverse background and love for our people makes her an excellent DDP. Melanie  coordinates and oversees the services of individuals with developmental disabilities. She monitors all aspects of service by observing individuals, reviewing progress, and revising goals as needed. Melanie is hands on in the development and advocacy of the individuals we serve.

Dana Hardy


Registered Nurse

Dana came to The Chanan Foundation with a wide variety of skills in the nursing field. Dana is responsible for monitoring patient’s condition, observing behavior and interpreting patient symptoms in order to provide quality care. Dana works closely with outside physician to generate health plans for individuals if they need care outside of our facility. Dana has also developed our medical education and staff training systems. We are excited to have Dana on our team

Chanda Stafford


HR Specialist 

Chanda joined the Chanan Foundation with a background in psychology and masters in organizational leadership.  Chanda oversees the foundation's recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, performance management, leadership training and development. Since joining the Chanan Foundation, Chanda has developed new employee initiatives and actively promotes a culture of caring among the Chanan Family.